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Feanwâlden Mennonite Congregation

Baptizing what empowering is, speaking that Curt is released into the Christian believe, deeds go beyond words


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Council v Churches in Burgum

Our Baptist Church is also a member of the Board of churches in Burgum due to the fact that our Church is a regional municipality, there are also members and anyone interested in Burgum living.On behalf of the Mennonite Municipality, Br Kees Haremaker (see Church Council)

Work in the Council of churches, the Protestant municipality Burgum Burgum Saint Martin's Parish, the Baptist Church and the free Evangelical Commune together. The Council of churches shall endeavour to spot here to promote unity among Christians by: • promoting mutual cooperation between municipalities and the local parish church;• To celebrate Together our faith in God;• Jointly to organise activities that church people and parishioners together.

In short, the Council of churches put in on what binds us together and strengthen awareness of our unity in Christ by meeting, interview, celebrations, etc. in an atmosphere of openness of spirit, generosity and cordiality.RvK-services Annually organizes the RvK Burgum Ecumenical celebrations around the Christian events: On Easter Monday, on Whit Sunday and on Boxing Day. In addition, there is a peace vesper during the week for peace and there are celebrations in the week of prayer for the unity of the World Day of prayer in the context of Chris toes and (first Friday in March) Contact person: Pieter Koelewijn, tel. 0511-462344 Email:  


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